Cherry Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Whey protein is excellent for promoting muscle growth and maintenance when coupled with strength training. Whey protein powder is an easy and fun way to get more in your diet!

L-Glutamine directly supports gut health and function in three key aspects: 1) it has a positive impact on sustaining the balance of the gut microbiome, 2) it increases the expression of tight junction proteins and the integrity of the intestinal lining, and 3) it helps to minimize the inflammatory response. Glutamine may offer a powerful adjunct as direct support for fundamental health maintenance, immune system function, microbiome balance, gut function and lower levels of gut inflammation!

-1/2 cup frozen cherries
-1/2 frozen banana
-handful ice
-l glutamine powder
-vanilla whey protein powder
-1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

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