Meet our founder, Gabrielle!

Releasing your empowered self in a body, mind and environment that makes you feel your BEST takes an expert who knows what you’ve been through and the way forward. When I say I know your struggle, trust me, I’ve been there. And I can’t wait to help feel your best. For good. I’m Gabrielle, registered dietitian nutrition coach living in Charleston, SC and founder of Wellpower Method, LLC: A simple program to help you finally release your empowered self. I work with individuals virtually, all over the country! 

Besides having the training and education as a registered dietitian, I am qualified to help you because I WAS you.

For more years than I want to remember, I had my own struggles with food — I went from feeling completely food-obsessed to overcompensating by depriving myself of the foods I enjoyed. Like you and so many other women, I had a complicated relationship with eating, and my body image and self-confidence suffered as a result.

 I watched my family members trying different “quick fix” diets and even diet pills – believing this was the only solution to weight loss and health.

The media and diet culture didn’t help and made my thoughts, behaviors, and actions even worse. I was obsessed and terrified of food at the same time. 

I finished my 5+ years of school and training, learning everything under the sun about the science behind biochemistry, anatomy, clinical nutrition, and food science. I had all the knowledge someone could possibly imagine behind nutrition. But let me tell you a secret, that isn’t enough.

With the wealth of knowledge behind me, I was STILL trying every diet to lose weight (even though science told me that WON’T work), and hating my body and relationship with food. I was SO out of tune with my body. I was so far from living my happiest, healthiest, most authentic life. Constantly “starting and stopping,” disappointed with myself and frustrated.

Can you relate to that?

Fast forward years into my career when I decided it was time to do something about my own relationship with food and my body, heal myself from the root and create real, sustainable change. I was sick of not living my happiest, purest life. I was OPEN and WILLING to do what it took.

This is where my healing journey began.

I read endless books. Did countless trainings and webinars. Did a ridiculous amount of research with trial and error.

I had to dig deep, get uncomfortable, sit with myself, get to REALLY know myself. My thoughts, patterns, behaviors, limiting self beliefs. Better understand my potential, my WHY, my GOALS. I had to UNLEARN so many learned behaviors and thought patterns I adapted over the years.

I combined all of this work with with my years of science-backed education/training regarding personalized nutrition, human metabolism, hormones, gut health, and functional medicine…

and built a simple, sustainable and tried-and-true method that I work through with individuals through 1:1 and/or group coaching. 

I’ve actually “walked the walk” of what I am going to be walking through with you.

I don’t teach anything I have not personally done or believe in, myself.

It is YOUR turn to release the inner you so you can live the life you have always dreamed of.

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