Meet our founder, Gabrielle!

Hi everyone! I’m Gabrielle, a registered dietitian nutrition coach. I am the founder of  Wellpower Method LLC, a program that allows individuals to stop dieting and restricting, find peace with food, fuel their body, unlearn unwanted behaviors and embody new ones, and reach their sustainable weight loss goals.

Besides 6 years of experience, I am qualified to help you because I WAS you. I don’t have what some call “skinny privilege.” I grew up with an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled immensely with emotional eating and weight gain.

I grew up with an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled immensely with emotional eating and weight gain.

Growing up, I was always comforted and rewarded with food. “Eat your entire plate of food and you’ll get dessert.” “Go to church and we will go get donuts.” 

Then came time for young adulthood, metabolism slowed down, and I continued this habit by using food as my reward, comfort, and punishment.

When I was sad, I overate. When I was happy, I celebrated with food. When I ate bad at night, I would skip breakfast the next morning.

I watched my family members join different diet programs, drink weight loss shakes, and even go on diet pills.

The media and diet culture didn’t help and actually made my thoughts, behaviors and actions even worse. 

I was obsessed and terrified of food at the same time. What we experience, hear and see sticks with us. 

Because of my this, when I first started in the nutrition industry, I was NOT practicing what I NOW preach. In fact, I was doing quite the opposite.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience behind me, I was STILL trying every diet, gaining weight, binge eating at night, taking my emotions out on food, restricting, and hating my body.

Fast forward years into my career when I decided it was time to do something about this.

BUT I couldn’t find a solution out there to help me. SO I did the work myself.

I read numerous books about binge eating, emotional eating, strengthening your willpower, mindful eating, habit building, shifting mindset and building a healthy relationship with food.

I had to UNLEARN so many behaviors and build actionable solutions into my own life.

I cut out ALL dieting and restricting, no longer fear or obsess over food, and have checked off SO MANY goals.

I am so much more happy, confident, motivated, successful, and less stressed.

I took all of the major learnings on the emotional and behavioral side of nutrition, combined them with my own experience and years of science-backed education and created Wellpower Method.

I’ve actually “walked the walk” of what I am going to be walking through with you.

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  • "I live an incredibly busy lifestyle balancing work and my personal life. Thanks to Gabrielle and her virtual services she has been helping me develop appropriate eating habits that fit my lifestyle. Her knowledge and expertise have helped me tremendously and I'm grateful to be working with her." Jeffrey L, Yelp Review

  • "The Wellpower Method was just what I needed! And honestly what everyone needs. I've tried most tendy diets/programs and typically got quick results but they also went away quick. I was a bit hesitant with taking things slow and really working on the behavior-side of my health but it was exactly what I needed! I reached my outcome goal and truly feel confident about sticking with it for good because my lifestyle and perspective on food/ exercise/ overall well-being has completely shifted. I no longer have a good versus bad mentality around food, enjoy everything I eat, and love taking care of myself. It was so much fun working with gabrielle and she provides you will all the accountability and support you need!" Christina D, Yelp Review

  • Gabrielle's Wellpower Method is exactly what I needed to improve my health. She has been helping me reach my goals by focusing on my unique lifestyle. Gabrielle's coaching has given me a new understanding of the benefits of a balanced nutritious meal and having a more active lifestyle. My relationship with food has improved tremendously. I so happy I chose Gabrielle to help me with this journey and I look forward to continuing to work with her!” Gabriella L, Yelp Review