Write a Letter to Yourself

In order to succeed in the Wellpower Method, all you need to do is believe in yourself and stay in it with me. 

The only way you fail is if you quit.

Those who stay in the game are the ones who succeed.

Times will get tough, life gets in the way, work can be stressful. 

Our job is not to avoid problems but to embrace them. It’s about getting yourself back up again, learning from mistakes and situations, and moving on.

When you want to quit before reaching your happiest and healthiest self, what are the words of affirmations that YOU need to hear? What is your DEEP why? WHY are you here? Why do you want to make this ONE LIFE you live, the absolute best version it can be?  

Write down those words that are going to fire yourself up. Email it to yourself, put it in a Google Doc, write it in your journal, anywhere that you can refer to it again!

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I’m a virtual 1:1 Dietitian Nutrition coach who provides you with the highest level of accountability and support to quit dieting, find peace with food, fuel your body, unlearn unwanted behaviors, embody new habits and reach sustainable weight loss goals. 

Through the Wellpower Method, you will: