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  1. This is a tough one! I’m not very good at the Why! I have always put my children ahead of myself so it’s not easy for me to put my needs first. I’m turning 53 in April, I’m a empty nester now so it is time to put me first! My Deep Why is really I’m scared to get cancer and diabetes. I have a strong history of both so if I could get this one area of my life under control would be great. Another why is I have a great personality and I just never felt that my body represents my personality, I also think I look better than I do till I see a picture! Very odd! I’ve been the same weight since having children so I’m good at maintaining this weight but as I age I know medication will be in the near future so that is my biggest why. AVOID CANCER AND DIABETES!! The weight loss will be an added bonus.
    i did the Words of affirmations too.

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