Self-Control is Like a Muscle

The self-control muscle in your brain can actually be exercised and made stronger. Our prefrontal cortex (aka logical brain behind your forehead) is like any other muscle in your body and can be made physically stronger (by creating new neural pathways)! 

Just like you would practice pushups or weight lifting to make your arm muscles stronger, we need to engage in exercise for the brain to make that part of our brain stronger as well. Challenge the self-control muscle by controlling one small thing you aren’t used to controlling.

For example, if you have a strong sweet tooth and find yourself overdoing it on dessert and sweets everyday, put a bowl of candy out on your counter and consciously choose to not eat out of it everyday.

I am not saying to not eat sweets at all, just choose to not eat them out of that candy bowl. This small action will help strengthen your self awareness and self control to help meet your overall goal of cutting back on sugar consumption. It forces you to snap out of autopoilot/ mindlessness, put a stop on a habitual action of mindlessly grabbing the sweet, gets you to stop and ask yourself “do I really want this right now?” “Did I eat enough today with balanced, nourishing meals and snacks?” “Am I emotional, stressed or tired right now?” And maybe you just genuinely have a sweet craving and watch something to quench it and that is OKAY! Just go get something sweet from a different source, maybe the cabinet or fridge, and mindfully enjoy it.

What is one SMALL thing you can do put out this week that will help strengthen your self awareness and self control?

Write about it in our goals sheet and/or in your journal!

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