Meeting Your Impulsive Self

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Meet your impulsive self by mapping out your unique patterns and behaviors that cause you to give into your impulsive self (over snacking, overeating at meal time, not working out, etc).

Create the triangle of how you get there and tactics to work around it.

Example. Emotional eating at night.

WHEN: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights

Tactic: Be aware when this day and time rolls around.

WHERE: At home, in my kitchen, after getting home late.

Tactic: Don’t go into the kitchen. Have water in the bedroom already when you get home and drink half of it when you enter your room. Brush teeth and wash face. Then ask yourself if you still want the oreos.

WHAT: Leftover dinner or packaged cookies and chips.

Tactic: When urge still comes: free write for 10 minutes writing anything and everything. 

Try for yourself Write it out in our Goals Sheet or in a journal:







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