Breaking Down Limiting Self Beliefs

Feeling bad, negative self thoughts and talk and having limiting self beliefs leads to giving in/losing control more while dropping guilt makes you stronger and more in control.

Self-criticism is consistently associated with less motivation and worse self-control.

Self-compassion is associated with more motivation and better self-control.

Do you have a limiting belief as to why you can’t be your healthiest and happiest self? Because that’s just “how you are?” or that’s just “how your life is?”

If you feel like this or ever feel like this, I want you to work through this and understand that:

  1. You are choosing to identify with that story. Identifying with it is making it a reality.
  2. How much do you love that story? Do you even want to identify with it?
  3. KNOW that you are greater than that. You are bigger than that. And it does NOT have to be reality.
  4. Let’s have grace for yourself and rewrite a new story for you to make reality.

Rewrite a limiting belief that has been dawning over you lately:

*Write this out in our Goals Sheet and/or journal on it


“I cannot control myself” I hate this story. I do NOT want to identify with it.
I control my body and treat it with respect because it is the only body I have and it works really hard to keep me healthy. It literally just healed my broken leg. I am choosing to fuel my body with nutrition.

I have this narrative that I am just not good at self awareness and self control, “it doesn’t come naturally to me” so when I’m tired or stretched thin it makes sense that I revert back to my old unhealthy habits.  I hate this narrative and don’t even believe in it anymore because I have proven to myself through wellpower that I have willpower!  New narrative: I can stick to my routines and flex my willpower when I need to! It’s something I’ve done and can keep doing, it makes me feel better when I am making the right choices.

I am a failure and can’t stick with habits, routines, nutritional changes because I never have been able to, I have too much going on. New narrative: I am so grateful to be alive and healthy with love and support in all areas of my life. I am capable of losing weight and becoming the strongest and healthiest version of myself. I am the only one stopping me from achieving my goals. I am trying my hardest and forgiving myself when necessary yet giving it my all when I can. I am going to make the changes I want to see. I am motivated and determined – I can’t wait to see where this new lifestyle takes me.

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