Reframing Failure

*Write your responses in our Goals Sheet and/or journal on it

Failure is KEY for success. Every time we fail, we are LEARNING something. Failure is a GOOD sign. You did not fail as a person. You made a mistake. Mistake= opportunity to learn and grow. Actually failure only occurs when you QUIT.

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Let’s breakdown the word FAILURE to apply a new definition to actually serve the greater good and achieve end results.

  • Frustration: emotional response. Goals are too large and unattainable or there are inadequacies in our self image psychology.  Frustration does not work because it leads to more frustration. Act our way into a new way of thinking.
  • Aggression: When frustration gets built up and unable to be release, aggression occurs. For example, someone blows up at you at work. Instead of handling the situation with the coworker, your frustration builds up and you bring the aggression home and use alcohol and food to cope. The answer to aggression is to not remove it but instead accept it and provide proper channels to express it. Working out, journaling, listen to music, talking to a friend? Does it need to be addressed with the person/thing that is causing this aggression?
  • Imposter Syndrome: When we feel our self image does not measure up to what we think it should be, we feel insecure. Always feeling like you need more. Truth is, as humans we are designed to feel like we constantly need more. So there will never be enough and no one will ever be complete. I want you to understand and accept that you are PERFECTLY incomplete and you always will be, there is no perfect and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Everyday you are working towards bettering yourself to become the best version of yourself. NOT perfect, but perfectly imperfect.
  • Loneliness: way to protect ourselves again pain, fear, and humiliation. When we struggle with our goals, we feel that we are the slowest one in the pacl. That no one else could ever have the same challenges or obstacles that we face. Truth is, the more personal a problem is, the more general it is. Community and accountability help overcome these challenges. Come to me. Come to the group. When you feel detached, run faster to me! You are NOT lonely in this process.  
  • Uncertainty: Humans hate making choices. Because not making a decision is easiest because there is no risk for failure. This prevents you from learning, growing, and SUCCEEDING. Fear of failure keeps you out of even starting in the game. But in reality, failure is only permanent when you quit. Imperfect action WILL ALWAYS beat standing still. 
  • Resentment: When you spot it you got it. Anyone who resents or hates someone else’s success or happiness is actually unhappy with their own life. Whatever someone projects at words, it is a reflection of their internal world and their self image. Someone with a broken self image can never see the beauty and others are things around them. This is why making sure your friends, family and coworkers are supporting you and not resenting you. It is also important that you are not resent your friends, family and peers. 
  • Emptiness: Too often we feel pushed into goals or desires that we feel society, family or friends want us to achieve. Success in your goals must be defined in our journey so they are consistent with YOUR OWN deep inner desires. YOUR version of success and happiness. Striving for success according to someone else’s definition will create a feeling of emptiness. What does YOUR happiness and success look like to your success self. Make sure your intentions are pure.

Now that you have a better understanding; list out a time you’ve failed that turned into your success. What did you learn? How were these situations vital to your success?

*Write your response in our Goals Sheet and/or journal on it

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