Traits of Your Successful Self

In this exercise, list out all the traits of your successful self. Write it out in our Goals Sheet and/or in your journal.

If you KNEW success was guaranteed, what are the beliefs, attitudes, and habits your successful self would have?

Notice, the focus here is not on what outcomes or possessions you would have. But instead, what are the traits and characteristics of this successful self image?

Once you have those traits listed; list out all the traits or beliefs of your imposter/failure version of yourself. What are the attitudes, beliefs, or habits of this version of you? GO DEEP!

And finally, what version of yourself do you want to act like? Why does this resonate with you? Explain in detail.

Your neurology does not know the difference between what is real, and what is imagined. See yourself becoming the version of you in alignment with your dreams and goals.

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