Consulting Your Body’s Wisdom

Your body is constantly working, 24/7, to keep you alive. You are continually breathing, digesting, absorbing nutrients, learning, etc.

It is more connected with our everyday perceptions of our world than we give credit to. Just think about all the times you have “butterflies in your stomach,” or “a lump in your throat,” or “that feeling in your gut.”

If we genuinely attune to our bodies, they teach us the ultimate lesson in love. Learning to love your constantly changing shape, form, and appearance helps us understand that our world is constantly evolving and fluctuating, and the only thing we can do is make sure we are in tune and accept ourselves.

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Right now, take the time to appreciate your body.

Flatten your palms with your fingers tight together and your thumb extending out. Touch the tips of your left and right point fingers and each thumb tip together, and splay out your fingers to create a triangle between your pointer fingers and thumbs.

Place this triangle on your lower abdomen with your palms on your stomach, fingers pointing downward. Take three slow deep breaths focusing keenly on your lower abdomen.

Then flip your fingers and lower part of the triangle up, keeping your thumbs in contact with your abdomen. Now your palms are facing out, fingers pointing up to your heart. Take another three deep breaths focusing on your heart space.

Next, raise your hands above your head, slowly bringing your palms together in prayer. Once above your head, splay the fingers apart, but keep your pinky and thumb still touching each other, resembling a lotus flower. Feel the energy flow out your palms; take three deep breaths in this position.

Repeat 3 (or more!) times. A good exercise if you are experiencing any anxiety or body-shaming thoughts or just would like to connect and meditate on your inner essence.

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