Consciousness Journaling

*Complete this in a Google Document in your folder or in a journal

Step 1: Self Awareness

1. What behavior or pattern do I want to change? Focus on ONE.

ex. “I want to stop becoming defensive in my day to day interactions”

2. Write affirmations or statements that will help you achieve this. Let these flow naturally. Do not overthink this:

ex. “I am able to hear other perspectives.” “I am calm” “I create space between my reaction” “I am safe within my body”

3. Write how you will be able to practice these new behaviors in daily life:

ex. “I will practice observing the feelings and thoughts that come up rather than habitually reacting when interacting with my family.”

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Step 2: Morning Journaling

*I want you to journal on this in the mornings before facing these situations.

My daily affirmations:

ex. I am calm and peaceful. I am able to observe and not react.

Today I will focus on shifting my pattern of:

ex. Habitually reacting to situations when facing an emotional trigger.

I am grateful for:

ex. The opportunity to become a different version of myself. My pets, my family, the ability to climb my favorite hiking trail.

The person I am becoming will experience more:

ex. Joy, gratitude, abundance, and the ability to live in the present moment.

I have an opportunity to be my future self today when I:

Pause and listen rather than react.

When I think about who I am becoming I feel:

ex. Confident, fulfilled, proud of my healing.

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