5 Steps to Successful Habit Building

Ready to learn how to push away the negotiating little voice in your head that holds you back from successful habit building?

1. Identify with the new habit(s) you are trying to embody.

Exercise, eating habits, water, morning routine, etc. Write out the traits of your successful self engaging in these habits and routines and identify with that.

For example “I am a successful person who gets up in the morning, does not press snooze,  makes my bed, gets in my workout clothes, makes coffee and goes on a 30-minute walk. Not somebody who presses snooze, lays in bed scrolls on my phone in the morning getting consumed by social media, leaves the bedroom a mess and doesn’t get ready and engage in self-care in the morning.”

2. KNOW the negotiations that are going on in your head.

We tend to stick to the same script, so it should be easy to recognize your tried-and-true method for knocking yourself off track.

For example “I am not motivated and I am tired so I am going to keep pressing the snooze button. I don’t need to go on a walk or make my bed to feel good anyway.” Be on the lookout the second your favorite excuse comes up, recognizing the negotiation, and do not consider it for even one tiny moment because once you get into a conversation with your head, you will get sucked in. Just move along like it didn’t even happen.

3. Connect your new habit to another habit or behavior.

So many of our habits go hand-in-hand, drinking and smoking, exercise and eating well. If you’re trying to create a new habit, connecting it to an existing habit or behavior can really help. Let’s say you want to get into the habit of being more focused.

You could team this with shutting off your cell phone and putting it away. The physical act of dealing with the phone will trigger the mental reminder to focus on what’s in front of you. Or start associating your morning cup of coffee with sitting down to read whatever motivational book you’re reading. Create a buddy system for your new habit.

4. Strengthen your self-awareness and self-control.

Along with staying emotionally attached to the WHY of your goal, your self control muscle can be strengthened by anticipating the discomfort.

Hang out in discomfort, get used to it, realize it’s just part of the process and don’t create a huge drama around it. Associate your discomfort with the awesomeness of moving forward and kicking ass instead of with something terrifying that can stop you. 

5. Find an accountability partner.

Find someone who’s working to become a bigger badass like you are and ask them to be your accountability partner. Tell each other your goals each week and check in with each other periodically to make sure you’re both staying on track. Remember you’ve got to be cruel to be kind so if your buddy says she’s going to do something, don’t let her off the hook and ask her to do the same for you.

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