5-Second Rule to Crush Your Goals

This rule taps into your inner courage that is looking for a push to come out by honoring your true authentic self who focuses on the WHY when setting personal goals. That is what makes transformation possible.

It allows for the ability to step outside your comfort zone.

You KNOW all the things you should be doing. But you often find a little voice telling you to impulsively NOT do them. So we don’t want to be impulsive. 

BUT we also don’t want to overthink.

Overthinking makes things worse- you focus on the negatives and talk yourself out of it. When you have a goal and come close to anything that could make it realizable for you, your prefrontal cortex lights up showing you the connection between your brain and your instinct to act

The 5-second rule needs instinctive action.

Count 5 4 3 2 1…Then physically take action immediately (get up and put workout clothes on and set up workout area etc.) or your brain will stop you. 

When counting backward, you shift your default thinking and distract yourself from your excuses. The notion that you need to be motivated to do something, is a myth.  Waiting till you feel like doing something will make you procrastinate. When people are about to make a decision, they start to subconsciously weigh the pros and cons of what they want to do and decide based on how they feel. To maximize your full potential, you must learn to separate your feelings from your actions.

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