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  1. This was a difficult week. I had a lot of out of the house stuff to do.
    Thurs 2/10 – Had to drive to my Mom’s to take her to doctor appointments. It’s a long day with very few food choices. I tried my best – grabbed a bar and apple for breakfast, turkey wrap for lunch, nothing in my Mom’s town other than fast food and pizza. Had pizza already that week so figured my best bet was a children’s meal at McDonalds. I know not the best but that’s trying.
    Sat 2/12 – Decided to enjoy the day together since my husband has been working crazy. Our favorite food truck was at a brewery down the road so went. I usually have a few beers but decided that i was only going to have a couple samples and one beer. Normally, I would have two. Then I decided to have the lobster roll & a cup of lobster bisque instead of the lobster quesadilla and decided not to have the whoopie pie that we usually share. Marc loved not sharing!!
    Sun 2/13 – On the road and Super Bowl. We had to get on the road early to meet my daughter so we grabbed a coffee and a hardroll egg sandwich. I thought to grab fruit but forgot. Then we decided not to stop for lunch on the way home because we would be eating a lot at Super Bowl party. I decided to have a grapefruit and banana when we got home and then decided that if I was going to overeat at SB then no beer. I stuck to the veggies and blue cheese quite a bite but quickly realized i need some food. Had a piece of garbage bread and 2 small reuben rolls. I had no chips or nachos! Which is a win for me. I did have 2 brownie bites. This is me trying!! lol!!

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